February 26, 2010

spontaneous poem

san francisco, california
i composed this poem for the guests of the VIP Prescreening Party for the Fun Boyz music video on the eve of the event, monday, february 8, 2010

call me constance
who wouldn’t want this
the truth is evident
from what i say

the things i’m capable of
i do myself
and what remains
i delegate

to friends and helpers
the world’s my princedom
i come with treasures
of dignity

the ground you stand on
surely is sacred
not the ground but your feet
make it that way

everywhere we roam
the kingdom comes
the queendom
can not dissipate

holding inside
the peace the prize
the things we’ve searched for
all this time

we’ve met our maker
the time it takes to
realize we’ve come
a long long way