April 23, 2012

me, myself, and Irene

brooklyn, new york

most everyone was in a frenzy last year when Hurricane Irene was supposedly going to hit nyc. i wasn't. i was just glad my roommate was leaving town for a while and that i'd have the whole apartment to myself.
though some sections of the outer boroughs were evacuated, and there was some damage in the end, i took it as yet another instance of media hype and fear-mongering. what i did do was take the precipitous climb up to my roof as the storm was passing.

the clouds rushed by, thickly clumped together. a strong wind blew them to the southwest. i was freezing in my t-shirt after a few minutes, but i stayed to watch the sun set. i guess while everyone else was panicking i took it as a moment to appreciate the beauty of what was happening. here's a little of what i saw. (click to enlarge)