November 25, 2011

Fun Boyz remixes

manhattan, new york

click here to go to the Overdose Store. happy listening!

i'm very happy to announce the release of my first set of remixes.
this project was done in collaboration with Gerardo Aguilera and Overdose Records, based in león, méxico. Gerardo and i met on Facebook and he was interested in working together after hearing my work. one of those social networking success stories, i guess!

do your best to support this independent label!
please buy the release at
or run a search for your preferred music retailer worldwide.
thanks to Gerardo and Overdose for helping to make this happen!

and here's a little taste to whet your appetite!

foto: Rami Hyun
concept: KID AKIMBO

November 22, 2011

2010 OUTMusic Awards highlights

manasquan, new jersey

i had the honour of being awarded Best International Artist at the OMA's for my song, Disco Berimbau (Riera Remix). i was also nominated for the Best Producer category for Fun Boyz.

it was a real honour to be nominated. i dedicated my award to my great-grandmother, Alice Bautista, who lives in the interior of minas gerais, brasil. i got to see her a few weeks ago just before her 89th birthday, and that was very special to me.

here's a collection of my favorite moments from that night. you can see the full album of fotos on Facebook, here.

all images by Roger Lanoue. (click to enlarge!)
as always, comments are welcome.

wardrobe by Pierre-Henri Mattout. styling by Debra Ginyard.

red red carpet

with Rodiney and Reichen of The A-List

one of the great things about working with Roger is that we're always taking time out to play.

there's got to be some mafia-bloodline backstory to this. let me know if you know how it goes. with Mike Ruiz and Martin Berusch.

i was also a presenter for that evening. fun!

Deepa Soul doing her thing.

my friend, Jen Urban, and her "Box"

at the afterparty with Diedra Meredith, OUTMusic's Chairperson. that's all folks!