December 28, 2010

Disco Berimbau (Riera Remix): lyrics and foto vid

brooklyn, new york

here's a disco remake of the samba classic by composer, Baden Powell, wonderfully remixed by my producer and co-writer, Daniel Riera, with fotos by Rami Hyun.
another one bites the dust in my video upload project. just one more and i'll be done with all of my current releases. :) feel free to comment on the YouTube page!

quem é homem de bem não trai
o amor que ele quer seu bem
quem diz muito que vai, não vai
e assim como não vai, não vem
quem de dentro de si não sai
vai morrer sem amar ninguém
o dinheiro de quem não da
é o trabalho de quem não tem
capoeira que é bom não cai
más si um dia ele cai, cai bem

capoeira me mandou
dizer que ja chegou
chegou para lutar
berimbau me confirmó
vai ter briga de amor,
tristeza, camará

when he plays that bow and string
what magic he can bring
so sing, my berimbau
send my song across the sea
and tell my love for me
i need him, berimbau

you can find the track on iTunes here

December 24, 2010

Moody: lyrics and video upload project

brooklyn, new york

you know how on YouTube artists (or their fans) will upload a video with just a still fotograph (or sometimes the lyrics) just so people can hear the song? well, i hadn't thought to do that for myself until a few weeks ago. it took me a while to get to cause i was busy, but also terrified at trying to learn another medium: iMovie. a day later, though, and here's what i made.
a little more than just a foto still, here's a little montage of pictures for my song, Moody, by my fantastic friend, Edwina Morgan (with picture #3 by Dave Moore). i really liked the result, and it turns out that the pictures tell a bit of the story. watch out til the end of the video if you will. the pace picks up a bit.
i'm hoping people will enjoy the work and it'll be yet another avenue out there for people to listen to and enjoy my music. i will be doing this for all of my other released songs to date as well.


i don't wanna hear, i don't wanna know
i'm tired of hearing them say
that they know what's good for me
"just breathe," i've heard all that by now

cause everybody knows how to live your life
what you gotta do
everybody but you
i know what's good for me and sometimes i'm just

moody, up and down sometimes i'm
angry, what the hell, i'm going
crazy, nothing to do just let it be
feelings come and go

wanna come to me, wanna give me love
wanna give me life
how about some freedom?
time and space to choose

easy to tell someone how they got it wrong
thinking you are right
i've read the tao te ching
applying it is no simply thing. so i'm


darling, i wanna see you
don't want to sleep now, i really miss you
if i could see how i'd let it go too
instead i dream how it'd be to kiss you again

i don't want to hear, i don't want to say...
i really miss you...
"just breathe," i've heard all that by now...