June 28, 2011

thanks to Steel Gym!

brooklyn, new york

i wanted to take the next few posts to thank some very special individuals and organizations that are offering their support to me. although i'm still an unsigned artist, it's been about a year that i began to receive some much needed support for my work. the help has meant a lot to me not only for the resources it's provided, but because my sponsors also represent a mark of confidence and a push forward in what i do. the road can get lonely and it's very encouraging to know that others are in the fight along with me, investing in me, and believing in my dream as well!

so a deep Thank You to Steel Gym, and especially Ken Hunt, for the steady encouragement and support in the past year. Steel was my first sponsor, so they've been with me since near the start of my move to new york. i just love working out there and highly recommend the gym to anyone! it's centrally located, has great staff, a diverse set of trainers, and good equipment. my workout days are the highlight of my week. check it out!

and thanks again to Ken and the whole staff at Steel Gym.

much love... KA

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