March 18, 2010

re kindle

san francisco, california

as i’ve become more intimate with what it means to be an independent artist, i’ve come to appreciate more and more those moments of energetic salvation where the resources of time, energy, and in particular, inspiration, come flooding back. one of the most significant occasions of this rekindling came when i was last in new york city, collaborating with singer, Jasper James, and Ken Still, director of the 2009 OUTMusic Awards (one of Michael Jackson’s principal dancers) on a performance for the ceremony. the fire returned not in a moment with either one of my collaborators, but at a dinner with a new friend at the 24-hour Cafeteria in chelsea, it’s heat so purifying and healing because i hadn’t realized how burnt out i’d become, which is, of course, the greatest danger of all.

my thanks to L for the 100% honest conversation.
my thanks to the zeitgeist movement for offering the topics that are of the utmost importance in this day and age, and which haunt me constantly.

this is a foto exhibition of that fire i feel inside. thanks to Rami Hyun for the incredible images.

from the choreography, "millionaire galang," which is dedicated to Changó, the Yoruba deity of fire, thunder, lightning, and masculine power. 9/16/09 fotos: Rami Hyun

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  1. What I see is that your so alive. Not that it's all about chewing it up & spitting it out; but that there is a real hunger in you for the source of things. Maybe it's the sort of endless searching for what is transcendent of our world, or to find something "Real" amidst all the facades. Whatever the reason or logic, the sensation is that of reveling in life, the Journey...not just the destination.