May 25, 2010

the interdependence imperative

brooklyn, new york

i've been doing research online. days' worth. looking into things i've been concerned about for a long time. whispers. murmurings hungry for quite some time. new world order, hyperinflation, sinking the dollar, north american union, water fluoridation, codex alimentarius, the history of the focus group, lrad, fema, rfid, cfr, pittsburgh g20, civil rights' suspension, "vaccines", trilateral commission, bilderberg, skull and bones, etc.. you probably have no idea what i'm talking about. and of course that's the biggest problem. i wouldn't have either until i locked myself in a room so to speak for a week and counting and plumbed youtube's depths for what may very soon be extinct nuggets of truth.
i'll get to all the details later.

but right now i feel the song within me of galaxies and stars. the universe breathing us in and out. and we breathe it. so much darkness, so much power, so much control all sides closing, and the only thing i feel will stop it is the recognition of the universe's breath. only then can we see the ecological, cultural, political, and physiological aspects of ours lives which are under fire as part of one giant system. it is said that this awareness brings compassion, for as we recognize our interconnection to all things we see that an attack on one of those elements is an attack on them all. we also recognize that just as disparate areas of our lives are in fact connected, so are we just as connected to one another as human beings. we share the same fate should our human rights continue to unravel. we can fight the from-an-eighth-inch-to-closed corporate fist on all sides, or we can submit to it happily as we're doing, with a vague sense of concern like hunger for a-nother potato chip as we wait for the next iphone launch. one giant system, one giant universe, contained in one single human, and as insignificant as one single breath. but which of course creates the whole universe again.

world powers are counting on this wholeness, this system, this fullness. their plans are comprehensive. and so we have to embrace our struggle in the same way, on all sides. an attack on one of us is an attack on us all.

so if you hear what i'm saying please say something. say "i," or "sanity," or something. make up your own word. do something daring. speak out. participate.   i dare you. your life depends on it.


  1. So many things I want to say, but refuse to not say in person.. Cg